Friday, October 31, 2008


NOOO!!! I don't like watching scary movies!! I seriously cry if I get a scare.. and it gets sooo embarrassing!
and since I have nothing to do today.. I think every TV in the house is gonna be occupied with someone.. whether its sports, news, some stupid tv show or a SCARY MOVIE!! AaaaH!!
I dunno why I stay and watch the movie.. maybe cuz I like watching the movies that make fun of the scary movies.. anyways.. enough about those movies :
Yeah I got a costume party that was supposed to be within those days.. but thank God it was delayed.. cuz you know.. as usual.. I wanted to make my own costume.. and as usual I didnt :P
Once I wanted to be senora chiquita (the banana lady) and other times I wanted to be a waitress and etc.
So you see .. Halloween is not the best time of year for me, I prefer St. Patrick's Day HAHA.. it gets annoying and funny when you start pinching people who are not wearing green .. yeah about that, my friend once starting throwing books and hitting and kicking me cuz I pinched her for not wearing green :S But u see.. she was the one who got hurt in the end cuz im all bone.. well .. that was yesterday, until my cousin told me I look pregnant!
Yeah.. so?? Im gaining weight.. yeah.. SO?!?! its just a little... yeaaah!! SOoOo?!!?!?! Hey... I have no feelings about the weight thingy.. so you don't have to sympathize with me.
Anyways.. Im gonna look for something orange to wear.. Gotta have a little fun at least :P.. wish I had a pumpkin... don't ask why.. I just wish it!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How to grow a bonsai tree?

Well doon't ask me! I've been trying to plant my bonsai tree 2-3 months ago.. and by the way .. it still looks the same!

I placed it in a dark place like they explained in the instruction guide.

I wrapped it with a plastic bag they gave me and like they asked.

I think it was seeds that I planted one inch under the soil..

But Im not sure what went wrong??

have a look at it!
I mean.. REALLY!! what went wrong?
So.. Im thinking of getting a bonsai tree that is already planted and there! Right infront of my eyes! and this one... well Im gonna keep trying to make it work.

Things you can't cook in the microwave!

First of all, you have to know I'm writing about microwaves because I had many bad experience with it Hahaha :P
Remember, these things are not safe for a microwave!
1. Plastic Wrap unless its microwavable
2. Foil
3. An egg, eggplant, sausage and Potatoes
4. Paper plates, grocery bags, newspapers or other paper items(Wax paper, parchment paper and oven cooking bags are usually safe to use).
5. Plastics ( they are toxic, so do not ever use it)
6. Styrofoam (try adding gas or superglue to styrofoam and see what happens!)
7. Metal items.

Safety rule: if your microwave catches on fire.. hit the stop button. Don't open it or pour water on it!


+ (965) 67736695
So.. here is who I call when I have no intentions of going out..
I just love their sevices..
Manicures, Pedicures and Massages all at ur home!
When this business first started.. I was like "FINALLY! Someone thought of a great idea for lazy people like me!"
I usually tell myself that I dont deserve a manicure, cuz I work with my hands being an artist and all.. When the lady was done painting my nails.. I ruined the nail polish as usual! She didn't complain at all.. and she didn't pretend not to see me ruin it.. her first reaction was like "GIMME! I will do it again!"
I almost hugged her!
I just love them!

Gulf Bank Draw

So.. after the crisis in Gulf Bank...
What do you think of the next Danah millionaire? (ME)
I still have my money in the Danah account.. hoping to be the only one left :P You know.. so I can be the next millionaire.. oh wait.. MAYBE NOT!!

Job Fair

Job fair this week at Arraya.
26th of October 2008 until 30th of October 2008.
Many companies are there including:
Al Shayaa
Banks, including:
National Bank of Kuwait
Commercial Bank of Kuwait
and there are also fairs for people who would love taking courses in:
Expression (to learn English)
Al Nazaer ( Directing, Script writing, TV Makeup and Lightings for studios.. etc.)
also there is:
Takweet and Careers (they apply jobs for you)
Takweet needs ur CV only and an application you apply there
Careers needs ur CV and ur ID and ur Diploma/BA...etc.

Its best you take your CV with you to apply there.. if not.. you can send it to the emails they give you over there..

To Do List

1. listen to foreign music ( I dont mean arabic or english) maybe Chinese or Polish or German...etc. Something I dont understand.
2. Go to the doctor for a full check up (have to.. once a year at least)
3. Get rid of clothes you don't wear anymore.
4. Get your picture taken (passport size) and not digital!!
5. Learn something u dont really wanna learn.
6. Jump on the bed like a 6 year old!
7. Get a full body massage.
8. exercise blah blah blah.
9. Try a new hairdo.
10. Act like a tourist in your own country/ city.
11. Go to a soccer game.. one that includes Real Madrid :P
12. Act like a statue in the elevator.
14. Go to ur favorite shop and act like you work there.
15. Clean your car.
16. Give ur best friend a gift for no apparent reason.
17. Sing a song to ur loved one... (naaah tooo cheesy!!)
18. Pull a prank on someone.
19. Be sure that someone doesnt pull a prank on you!
20. Try to do a few of this list!

City Stars- Egypt

Once I was in Egypt.. and we parked the car in city stars parking.. it was huge.. so we had to remember where we parked somehow.. ;p

Annoying Calls!!

So yesterday.. I got a COLLECT call from a lady..
I said "Hello?"
She said "ALOH! This is a laaady!!! :O"
Then she closed the phone without apologizing.. so I thought.. hey! maybe she is my friend and got me confused with someone else
So I called...
"yeah.. I think u just called me?"
"yeaah I did! wrong number!!" she had this bedouin accent..
so I said " yeah u can just say wrong number.. not close the phone without explaining urself u got me confused!"
She was like " NO !! I am gonna close the phone without explaining myself...etc"
I didn't hear what she said at the end cuz I closed the phone before she did :P
and I saved her number as Crazy Lady!-- more like wa7da hayligiya

Next day..
she started calling
and again
and again
so then I thought.. this lady is cheap.. she had me pick up a collect call yesterday.. so I started answering for like 3-4 seconds and then end the call (without saying a word)
I think I kept doing that until her prepaid card ran out.. she started giving me miss calls..
But then again.. she started doing it..
So this time I answered but not with my normal voice.. I copied the voice from the movie "The Ring" when the caller says "seveeen daaays!!"
and she started yelling.. hahaha!! I had fun doing it for like 6 of the million calls I got..
She even asked if I was Indian..??
So without answering her question.. the next time she called I had a CD that had a bedouin song in.. so I turned it on.. and made her listen.. this time.. u won't believe this.. the phone call not only lasted 6 seconds... it lasted about 38 seconds until she gave her phone to her husband! LOL!
so I ended the call again!
In conclusion.. I think she was trying to prove to her husband that Im a girl and not a man!
She lost the war :P