Friday, October 31, 2008


NOOO!!! I don't like watching scary movies!! I seriously cry if I get a scare.. and it gets sooo embarrassing!
and since I have nothing to do today.. I think every TV in the house is gonna be occupied with someone.. whether its sports, news, some stupid tv show or a SCARY MOVIE!! AaaaH!!
I dunno why I stay and watch the movie.. maybe cuz I like watching the movies that make fun of the scary movies.. anyways.. enough about those movies :
Yeah I got a costume party that was supposed to be within those days.. but thank God it was delayed.. cuz you know.. as usual.. I wanted to make my own costume.. and as usual I didnt :P
Once I wanted to be senora chiquita (the banana lady) and other times I wanted to be a waitress and etc.
So you see .. Halloween is not the best time of year for me, I prefer St. Patrick's Day HAHA.. it gets annoying and funny when you start pinching people who are not wearing green .. yeah about that, my friend once starting throwing books and hitting and kicking me cuz I pinched her for not wearing green :S But u see.. she was the one who got hurt in the end cuz im all bone.. well .. that was yesterday, until my cousin told me I look pregnant!
Yeah.. so?? Im gaining weight.. yeah.. SO?!?! its just a little... yeaaah!! SOoOo?!!?!?! Hey... I have no feelings about the weight thingy.. so you don't have to sympathize with me.
Anyways.. Im gonna look for something orange to wear.. Gotta have a little fun at least :P.. wish I had a pumpkin... don't ask why.. I just wish it!

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