Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Things you can't cook in the microwave!

First of all, you have to know I'm writing about microwaves because I had many bad experience with it Hahaha :P
Remember, these things are not safe for a microwave!
1. Plastic Wrap unless its microwavable
2. Foil
3. An egg, eggplant, sausage and Potatoes
4. Paper plates, grocery bags, newspapers or other paper items(Wax paper, parchment paper and oven cooking bags are usually safe to use).
5. Plastics ( they are toxic, so do not ever use it)
6. Styrofoam (try adding gas or superglue to styrofoam and see what happens!)
7. Metal items.

Safety rule: if your microwave catches on fire.. hit the stop button. Don't open it or pour water on it!

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