Tuesday, October 28, 2008

To Do List

1. listen to foreign music ( I dont mean arabic or english) maybe Chinese or Polish or German...etc. Something I dont understand.
2. Go to the doctor for a full check up (have to.. once a year at least)
3. Get rid of clothes you don't wear anymore.
4. Get your picture taken (passport size) and not digital!!
5. Learn something u dont really wanna learn.
6. Jump on the bed like a 6 year old!
7. Get a full body massage.
8. exercise blah blah blah.
9. Try a new hairdo.
10. Act like a tourist in your own country/ city.
11. Go to a soccer game.. one that includes Real Madrid :P
12. Act like a statue in the elevator.
14. Go to ur favorite shop and act like you work there.
15. Clean your car.
16. Give ur best friend a gift for no apparent reason.
17. Sing a song to ur loved one... (naaah tooo cheesy!!)
18. Pull a prank on someone.
19. Be sure that someone doesnt pull a prank on you!
20. Try to do a few of this list!

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