Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Annoying Calls!!

So yesterday.. I got a COLLECT call from a lady..
I said "Hello?"
She said "ALOH! This is a laaady!!! :O"
Then she closed the phone without apologizing.. so I thought.. hey! maybe she is my friend and got me confused with someone else
So I called...
"yeah.. I think u just called me?"
"yeaah I did! wrong number!!" she had this bedouin accent..
so I said " yeah u can just say wrong number.. not close the phone without explaining urself u got me confused!"
She was like " NO !! I am gonna close the phone without explaining myself...etc"
I didn't hear what she said at the end cuz I closed the phone before she did :P
and I saved her number as Crazy Lady!-- more like wa7da hayligiya

Next day..
she started calling
and again
and again
so then I thought.. this lady is cheap.. she had me pick up a collect call yesterday.. so I started answering for like 3-4 seconds and then end the call (without saying a word)
I think I kept doing that until her prepaid card ran out.. she started giving me miss calls..
But then again.. she started doing it..
So this time I answered but not with my normal voice.. I copied the voice from the movie "The Ring" when the caller says "seveeen daaays!!"
and she started yelling.. hahaha!! I had fun doing it for like 6 of the million calls I got..
She even asked if I was Indian..??
So without answering her question.. the next time she called I had a CD that had a bedouin song in.. so I turned it on.. and made her listen.. this time.. u won't believe this.. the phone call not only lasted 6 seconds... it lasted about 38 seconds until she gave her phone to her husband! LOL!
so I ended the call again!
In conclusion.. I think she was trying to prove to her husband that Im a girl and not a man!
She lost the war :P

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